Media Monitoring and Analysis

With our insight, you can get realtime intelligence on public opinion on your issues.

In Japan, where mass media has the power to strongly influence – or even decide – public opinion, having a well-formed media monitoring strategy is absolutely necessary.

Some firms are still of the belief that the often-tread circuit of press releases and television exposure are all that matter in Old Media-focused Japan, but our experience says differently. We create balanced, long-term approaches over social, traditional, and other diverse media channels, tailored to each client’s needs.

With a plethora of national and local news bureaus in addition to countless domestic internet and social networking sites, we let you know the significance of what the public is saying minus the chatter. Helping us provide this analysis are state-of-the-art social media monitoring systems and 24-hour TV & newspaper monitoring centers, which provide 100% of what the public is saying to our seasoned media analysis professionals. With our insight, you can hear the opinions that need to be heard.

Let us be your first-and-last stop for any need in monitoring & analysis of media in Japan. From quick turnaround translation to long-term monitoring and even project management, we can handle any need that helps keep you ‘in the know’.