Executive Positioning

Your top executive in Japan: the figurehead, the myth, the legend… the uninformed?

In this image-focused society, a company simply cannot let its highest figure go without knowing exactly where to turn. With trust in corporate executives at its lowest point in years, even seemingly invulnerable brands can find themselves in hot water.

Informed by years of experience working with all levels of executives in companies of all sizes, we have developed a one-size-fits all solution for any executive or issue.

Our core approach is “The Executive Brand.

The process starts with the issues. For each and every issue, we create content that not only differentiates, but also enhances your executive. Once we have hammered out the issues internally, we then move on to execution.

It should always be your top executive’s time to shine. We set up meetings, events, as well as other opportunities — both physical and digital — for your executive to meet with direct influencers, thought leaders, and key reporters to advance your corporation’s view on any issue.

The last step is counseling. Issues evolve, so should your views. Keeping the Executive Brand up to date may not be as simple as changing a word, but it is far less complicated than a week’s worth of meetings. We provide the data and analysis that helps you move quickly, efficiently, and without error.

From the smallest blip to the loudest alarm, we can help you position where you need to be, now.