Diplomatic Advisory

Even ambassadors and foreign service veterans sometimes require professional help.

Langley Esquire actively advises several diplomatic missions in Japan on an ongoing basis. These assignments span issues involving even the mundane at the consular / First Secretary / ambassadorial-levels but there is also coverage and deep actionable facilitation on issues involving trade, technology-transfer, visa & immigration, State Visits, diplomacy, confidentiality, security issues and the like.

This specialty was developed by Langley while working inside the parliament for former Foreign Minister Taro Nakayama and honed over many years thereafter. In the Diet position, for example, Langley was responsible for interfacing with all the embassies in Japan on behalf of the House of Counselors – a weighty and powerful position. As a consequence, Langley understands the peculiar position of foreign missions here in Japan and the particular problems they uniquely confront.