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Langley Esquire has been called upon to assist in resolving and addressing inheritance issues so many times that we have been identified as one of the top providers in Japan for the foreign community. This is in addition to, and complimentary of, our provision of dual language and dual jurisdiction Wills.

We are often called into these issues by clients who have a recently deceased relative who did not leave a valid Will. Due to blurred lines of Japanese intestate succession and the passing of ownership(s), blood-relatives assert a prominent position in deciding the ‘who-gets-what’ issue. This is an extremely delicate area, as simply raising the issue of ‘fairness’ or ‘propriety’ could trigger a negative reaction.

We have been involved in unraveling these kinds of situations more times than we would like to count. If you happen to be a non-Japanese person in this kind of situation, you are almost guaranteed to be marginalized. The ability of the parties to settle these situations independent of professional assistance quickly approaches zero and the end result decided by subsequent years of litigation and a complete destruction of all family ties.

This is avoidable.

Langley Esquire can aid in the treatment of dual-taxes, estate administration, (frequently unnecessary) post-death involvement of accountants/bengoshi, and a smooth and orderly distribution of the deceased’s estate. Particularly in the event of an interested party’s opposition, these processes can become very difficult. We proactively address thorny issues that typically confront heirs at this delicate time.

Having been involved in so many instances where precautions were not taken, we anticipate situations that typically arise and can coach you in dealing with them to conclusion. This saves you from worry, uncertainty, as well as the tremendous burden hoisted unwittingly upon you and other surviving family members.

Contact Langley Esquire in complete confidence to discuss your particular situation. Let us address your issues before they become unsolvable and before your rightful assets become irretrievable.