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Langley Esquire is frequently called upon to finalize the wishes of a couple in Japanese divorce proceedings. Our particular forte is in resolving international situations where multiple languages and jurisdictions are involved.

We are usually called upon to deal with two broad problem areas:

  1. Both parties are not ready to conclude.
    This is the case almost 99% of the time. More often than not, it is the male partner who is pushing for closure, generating a slew of related and unrelated problems. Langley Esquire steps in to broker a solution that is workable, immediately implementable, and supported by necessary dual-language documentation and, if necessary, legally binding contractual stipulations.
  2. Divorce proceedings in Japan need to be recognized elsewhere.
    The end result of a divorce can come in several forms, but they’re guaranteed to be in Japanese. Getting this document recognized is sometimes a less than easy matter.
    Depending on the jurisdiction, you may need much more than just a translation. De-coupling retirement payments, bank accounts, insurance beneficiaries, authorizations to re-marry, and more could be required just to be considered divorced.

In our experience, your learning about these requirements only after the ink is dry is an almost insurmountable feat. Should you consider going into a situation that is likely to generate controversy and acrimony, involve professional assistance as early as possible.

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