Last Will and Testament

Bilingual WIlls

Langley Esquire offers a bilingual will-drafting service that can satisfy the legal needs of a dual-nationality couple

There are a number of ways to create a legal and valid Will & Last Testament.

As a legal entity, Langley Esquire has been called upon to assist in writing wills in Japan so many times that we have been identified as one of the top providers for the foreign community.

Our typical offering covers a dual-nationality couple, generally a foreigner and a Japanese national. The documents we provide are written under Japanese legal stipulations and are additionally covered under the legal framework required by the company from where the foreign spouse hails. These Wills are, in other words, dual-jurisdictional in both application and effect.

Additionally, where the Japanese language is necessary or preferred by the Client, the Wills are written in Japanese as well as the language of the foreign jurisdiction.

We also integrate ways for you to adjust your Will even after your Will has been finalized.

This provides you with wide and solid coverage for inheritance, dual-taxation, estate administration, and the unnecessary post-death involvement of bengoshi, foreign lawyers, and tax accountants including the payment of any necessary taxes. We also proactively address thorny issues that can confront heirs at this delicate time.

Having been involved in so many instances where these precautions were not taken, we are well equipped to anticipate the kinds of situations that could arise and coach you in dealing with these preemptively. This saves you not only worry and uncertainty, but it relieves a tremendous burden potentially hoisted unwittingly upon a surviving spouse.

Langley Esquire is unique in providing dual language, dual jurisdiction services supported by a comparable level of expertise and coverage area.

Contact Langley Esquire in complete confidence to discuss your particular situation. Get the particulars and the comfort in knowing that all your bases are covered.