Business Negotiations

Use Langley Esquire as your chief negotiator and be surprised by what can be quickly achieved.


Involvement in the negotiating process naturally involves skill and experience in due diligence as well as cost/benefit analysis.

In Japan, litigation is considered an undesirable route, and reliance on legal representatives or the courts to settle controversies is minimal. Patience and unwillingness to ‘disturb the waters’ is given far greater weight than any unilateral desire to gain a quick benefit. “Winner take all” is an infrequent outcome, and a distinctly frowned-upon goal.

Therefore, when negotiations fail, final or even stopgap solutions become impossible. In such situations, the traditional remedy in Japan was to seek outside assistance in the form of an influential individual known and respected by both parties. However, in recent times this avenue has evaporated.

Our experience makes Langley Esquire a prime option for any at-odds party. We know not only the possible outcomes, in addition to knowing how to plan for them, but also the cultural attitudes, stigma, and trends that make us one of the last bastions of traditional mediation.