Forms required for incorporation

Forms required for incorporation

Langley Esquire can complete the incorporation process in approximately three weeks. This is an extremely expedited but achievable timeframe.
Generally speaking, a normal incorporation in Japan requires around four weeks start-to-finish. This timeframe is largely dictated by your company’s internal decision-making and document creation processes.

Among the central issues to be finely defined are:

  • Registered address
    The company must have a registered address within Japan.
  • Paid-in capital
    There is no minimum though ¥3,000,000 or more (US$30,000) is recommended as this is publicly accessible information.
  • Corporate Seal
    It is necessary to create and register a corporate seal or daihyo-in which will serve as the company’s signature for all official purposes.
  • Representative Director
    Must be a resident of Japan. Langley Esquire is often asked to fulfill this role, see Representative Director Services to learn more.
  • Scope of Business
    One of the more complicated areas to incorporating in Japan is that the scope of business must be outlined in the Articles of Incorporation. It is not permitted to write “everything”, so you must list the scope of your business activities.

Whichever stage you are in to launch your company, even if only conceptual, contact Langley Esquire and benefit from our vast experience in setting up companies in Japan. Should the breadth of your vision include subsidiaries, holding companies, and/or overseas entities, we have broad experience in this area.