Human Resources Issues

We can assess your HR coverage, security, work rules, employee training, NDA management, and much more.

A particular specialty of Langley Esquire is labor relations. This proficiency is rooted in founder Timothy Langley’s experience studying Japan’s labor law at Tohoku University Law School.

Honed through years of advising companies like Apple Computer, General Motors, and countless other organizations of all sizes; it is not an over-exaggeration to state that Langley Esquire has been directly involved in the employment or disengagement of thousands of individuals at all levels of the organizational chart.

Obviously this is a delicate area for many organizations as the end results are ultimately profit/loss determinative. Unfortunately, foreign-affiliated companies often find themselves in especially difficult situations.

This is due to a variety of aspects particular to multinational corporations. In almost every instance, headquarters is insensitive to the local legal implications of disengaging with an employee in Japan. However, the brunt of this responsibility falls upon the local Human Resources Director.

While it has been stressed before, it is imperative to keep out of Japanese courts on issues of labor. This is not to say that one should never follow-through with a court suit in Japan, but much will need to be proven with regards to grounds for dismissal should you end up filing or defending against an oncoming suit.

Many of the troubles companies invite in this area are due to failures in documentation. Many explanations are offered for these failures, but when a non-Japanese element is thrown into this mix, and even when everything else is picture-perfect, there is just too much variation in the process to come to a successful conclusion. This can easily devolve into a vicious and damaging cycle.

As a result, many companies find themselves being manipulated and extorted even before they realize it; sometimes even unwittingly inviting it. We are usually called in as a last-resort to resolve these situations before they get even more out of hand.

We can assess your HR coverage, security, work rules, employee training, NDA management, and much more. If a situation is already unfolding under your watch, let us know today.

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