Julian Macfarlane

“Every foreign company has its Gordian Knots. Some of those issues have been around for years, reducing productivity and increasing costs. Some just appear suddenly, even threatening the viability of a company. So what do you? Look for a Management Consultant? A law firm? Try to figure it out in-house. You’ve probably tried that before – with not too much success and at huge expense.

What you need is a firm which can look at your unique set of problems and come up with a solution that exactly matches your needs. Fortunately, there is a company like that – Langley Esquire – which has years of experience in Japan, handling major companies. Langley Esquire has both the legal and management know-how – even better – the ability to think outside the box, with an eye to designing solution that fits exactly.

Let’s put it in simple terms.

Why do suits that are custom made by a good tailor always look better than the kind you buy off the rack in a department stores? Most companies offer you off the rack solutions, manufactured in some distant MBA school. What you want, however, is someone who looks at your needs – everything, as a whole – and give you a solution that just fits.

How do I know?

My firm has been in business in Japan for more than 30 years. We have worked for almost every major Japanese corporation and many government departments and ministries – not to mention major foreign corporations – catering to their needs in PR, marketing, and public diplomacy. We don’t do what Langley does. But we do know the Who’s Who in real solution providers in their field – easy enough since there is only one Langley Esquire.”

Julian MacfarlaneCEO, JuliCo
Andrew Edsall

“Since my first interaction with Timothy in 2009, he and his firm Langley Esquire have repeatedly assisted me and my clients and associates with a consistent and reliable range of remarkable bespoke services.

What impressed me most was their ability to not only provide honest and actionable advice and intelligence, but to also act on the client’s behalf logistically with follow-through for quick and seamless implementation. This essentially meant that they did things for the client that the client could not actually do (for whatever reason).

In one instance, for example, a client company was in the throes of a difficult management transition. The Langley Esquire team, acting on behalf of the shareholders, brought closure swiftly and quietly yet always stayed in the background. In another totally different situation, the firm helped a group of employees know their rights and make sure that they received fair and adequate treatment in a very one-sided discussion. And even beyond these examples, Langley and his team have helped many colleagues and friends understand the procedures and the thousands of quirks necessary to successful start-up a business in Japan.

While most do not relish seeking advice in a dire time of need, I am relieved to know that Langley Esquire’s services are available. They invariably provide prompt and professional service when asked.”

Andrew EdsallSenior Consultant, DS Recruit JapanDS Recruit Japan’s Website
Bret Dandoy

“I often interact with people who are in life-defining transitions. This includes not just clients and corporate associates but also friends and associates. Unfortunately, some of those people are confronted with serious issues. Nevertheless, given my personality and position, I genuinely like to help people and see people succeed. That being said, it is a lot of work and requires more time and hands-on interaction than I can manage personally given the language, cultural and legal complexities.

Recently I had the opportunity to direct a project to Langley Esquire as a consequence of a close friend’s particularly difficult and delicate situation. First, the quick progression from introduction to engagement and action was impressively fast. Second, even within a short time period, the depth and breadth of information gathered via due diligence brought up key elements that positively influenced the process, and the outcome. Finally, the negotiation process was handled with full understanding of the situation, as well as the important cultural sensitivities. These traits gave me even greater confidence that Langley Esquire can be called upon to solve difficult issues that perplex even seasoned global business leaders.”

Bret DandoySenior executive, NYSE-listed investment bank
Mark Pink

“Langley Esquire provided my firm with critical advice concerning an important business deal with a Fortune 500 counterparty. They helped to safely guide the future of our business, and help us succeed. To their credit, they were able to assist realizing a successful conclusion to my full satisfaction. It was clear to me that the strategy and approach proposed was based on vast Japanese corporate deal experience and a true understanding of how things really work in Japan.

As a result of my experience, I have referred several business colleagues from top global firms and friends to Langley Esquire. I am always reaffirmed by these people that this key service before a new role or after ending a position was always worth the investment. Their speed and professionalism is unmatched in providing consulting services to those doing business in Japan.”

Mark PinkPresidentTMJ Partners’ Website
Jeffrey Behr

“I received advisory services from Langley Esquire at a time when Headquarters needed quick action on an important corporate issue. Engaging their services allowed me to quickly attain success within a limited time frame, where their ability to take immediate attention and apply a refined skillset was key.

I was impressed with the speed and effectiveness brought to crafting a solution. From the initial briefings we had to the actions taken, their approach encompassed components that were critically related to achieving success. The entire process was implemented without creating negative issues elsewhere, and the results were immediately and clearly successful. I genuinely appreciate their skill and speed, and think that Langley Esquire has an action-oriented approach and solid, in-depth knowledge of Japan corporate matters.”

Jeffrey BehrRepresentative Director, Stericycle JapanStericycle’s Website