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“Trusted Partners” Speaking Series Claimer vs. Claimer – Japanese divorce court for foreigners

ISG understands that a good life is the result of a loving family. Unfortunately for some, this dream can end abruptly due to separation or divorce. In many cases, who will stick up for a foreigner in Japan and protect them in often acrimonious situations? Getting the proper advice at such times is critical so a bad situation does not turn into a disaster.

What are a foreigner’s rights in Japan anyway?

More specifically: What are your custodial rights as a foreigner with children?  Will a Japanese court really protect your rights as a parent?

Timothy Langley is a well-known and highly respected Japan-hand on legal issues and cross-border / cross-cultural problem resolution. He will talk about divorce in Japan, which is an increasingly hot issue, and not only because child abductions are getting plenty of international air time these days.

Divorce is one area of specialization for Langley’s company, Langley Esquire, which handles a wide range of snarly, thorny issues in addition to the regular non-bengoshi legal issues that foreigners frequently are confronted with as they carve out a career here in Japan. Langley draws from his rich experience in this area, having handled in recent years more than 30 divorces of every conceivable combination.Come and hear about some of the sleights of hand that have been played and the results generated in the many extractions from what was traditionally believed to be a lifelong bond, and what is sometimes required to break it in this country.

Plenty of time will be reserved for questions from the audience, so please ask the questions you have always wanted to ask. After all, how many of you really know what your rights are in the land of the rising sun?

Thursday 22 September, 2011 / 6;00 pm
Speaker(s): Timothy Langley, President Langley Esquire

Date: Thursday 22 Sep 2011

Time: 6:00 pm open, 6:30 pm start, 9:00 pm end

20F Yurakucho Denki Bldg.

Price: 5,000 yen (ICA Members: 4,000 yen)
Buffet dinner 1 Free drink will be served before the presentation

RSVP: RSVP by 05:00 PM 21 September 2011 @