Brand 2020 is a video & blog series that explores Japan’s public diplomacy by the team at Langley Esquire. With Brand 2020, we examine Japan’s culture & history, and government initiatives to promote Japan’s national image to a global audience.

With the 2020 Olympic Games set to take place in the capitol of Tokyo, Japan has entered into a new phase of its push towards leveraging Soft Power through various nation branding initiatives designed to influence the international cultural dialogue. From samurai & geisha, to robots & anime and all that in is between, Cool Japan, Omotenashi, and other catchphrases have caught on to describe the mono no aware that is central to Japanese culture.

But where does all of this cultural currency take us from here? Brand 2020 intends to dig deep into possible paths forward for Japan. We investigate the who, what, when, where, and why of branding the nation of Japan in the 21st century. Join us to see what the future holds!

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