Langley Esquire was founded on the principle of facilitating success in Japan.

Getting things done here requires delicacy and being intimately in tune with the ever-evolving pace of business, in an environment where even the most well-seasoned stumble.

Langley Esquire has a reputation for guiding our clients to success in such a rumble-tumble environment.

In pursuing our goals, we strive to embody:

A Long-Term & Results-Driven Approach

Our clients demand speed, a proactive approach, and replicable results. Throughout the course of our business in Japan, we have learned the tricks of the trade to guarantee the expedient results finely tuned to our clients; desires.

When the situation calls for action, results must match the pace of urgency, yet remain unaffected by turbulence along the way.

Calm Through the Storm

Experience breeds a calmness that only expertise can convey. At Langley Esquire we are accustomed to achieving solutions in the toughest of environments and most difficult situations.

Home to 13.3 million people, Tokyo can be a chaotic place, difficult for even the most seasoned veteran. Threats abound and competition is pervasive.

Success in Japan

Growth in industry and tourism are expected with the upcoming Olympics. But there is more to this fascinating country beyond Tokyo Bay. We help facilitate success and economic activity here, in one of the strongest engines of the global economy. Sometimes, the only missing ingredient in your navigating between effort and success lies in carving the right path, opening the right door.

With the right doors, a wealth of opportunity is available.

A Unifying Story Makes Your Message

Your corporate goals are the bread and butter of your business, but if they don’t have a narrative ecosystem to function in, those bullet points may fall on deaf ears in the real world. We are experts in crafting the full story of your business, creating a world that resonates with audiences across channels.

Your business is not merely points, but an environment: we create lasting impressions, not just fleeting images.

We Have the Keys

We specialize in Public Affairs, an area that goes far beyond simple introductions. Rather than possessing “connections,” we foster relationships with key individuals across the spectrum, giving you access to precisely the people you need to talk to. We produce exceptional results because we are not interlopers; we are active participants in the dynamic and ever-changing business world of Japan.

We help plot the course & open doors; those most concealed — or tightly closed — are sometimes precisely the ones you most need opened.

First-Class Service

Our clients face tough and impactful issues; they come to us because of our established record as fixers. The hallmark of our approach, demeanor and reputation must be, therefore, personalized professionalism with a touch of class. This is, after all, Japan.

Some things – like dedication, commitment and hard work – are hard to convey, difficult to mimic and impossible to fake. We are deliberate in our approach to deliver unparalleled results.


Langley Esquire is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan in the quiet, centrally-located Rokubancho neighborhood. Our office is approximately 5 minutes walking distance from JR Yotsuya Station. By car, our office is approximately 20 minutes from Shinjuku, Roppongi, and Ginza.

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