Langley Esquire is a Japan-based consulting firm specializing in public affairs and corporate advisory.

Our unique offering of services includes:

Public Affairs Consulting
» Government Outreach
» Stakeholder Mapping
» Crisis Management and more

Corporate Advisory
» Incorporation
» Mergers & Acquisitions
» Support for foreign capital companies in Japan and more

Support for Individuals in Japan

Langley Esquire practices public affairs from our Tokyo headquarters located 5 minutes from the heart of the Japanese government. Whether it’s helping a client gain supporters among their key stakeholders, or creating a pitch-perfect story for a divisive issue, we draw upon our experience and understanding of how government works to help clients manage issues while raising their image and profile.

Our team has extensive experience, from former Diet secretaries, communications & IT experts, to legal, creative, and translation & interpretation specialists.

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Langley Esquire does business with the understanding that, “The usual path does not produce exceptional success.” By using experience and knowledge combined with commitment to provide bespoke service, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner to our portfolio of clients.

Every client relationship at Langley Esquire starts with a conversation. Schedule one today.