Langley Esquire is a Japan-based consulting firm specializing in public affairs and corporate advisory.

Our unique offering of services includes:

Public Affairs Consulting
» Government Outreach
» Stakeholder Mapping
» Crisis Management and more

Corporate Advisory
» Incorporation
» Mergers & Acquisitions
» Support for foreign capital companies in Japan and more

Support for Individuals in Japan

Timothy Langley founded Langley Esquire after developing a career “as an expert in Japan’s legal alleyways” and a “fixer”. Through experience serving as General Counsel & Public Affairs Director for Apple Computer Japan as well as General Motors Asia Pacific, Timothy brings clients an unmatched portfolio of success. Based on this experience, Timothy founded Langley Esquire to provide clients with consulting on public affairs, which we define as lobbying activities performed with full ethical and legal compliance, catering to the specific needs of foreign capital companies in Japan.

The team at Langley Esquire includes dedicated bilingual specialists in public affairs, external affairs, media, communications, as well as translation and interpretation. Our team is committed to actively addressing each client’s needs with professionalism, our unique perspective, and passion.

Our advisory portfolio consists of entities across the spectrum of scale and industry: Fortune 100 companies, small and medium businesses, as well as individual clients both new and established in Japan.

Langley Esquire does business with the understanding that, “The usual path does not produce exceptional success.” By using experience and knowledge combined with commitment to provide bespoke service, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner to our portfolio of clients.

Every client relationship at Langley Esquire starts with a conversation. Schedule one today.